In the interior design, the question "who we design for" is important as well as the question "what we design for". The basic element of the place is the sense of belonging that the user creates. For this reason, interior design is more user-focused, and is an aesthetic value that the efficient use of needs and requirements are blended with behavioral and emotional experiences.


DMT Architecture takes the user to the center of the design and determines the life scenario, needs, requests, and even goes beyond to incorporate the user into the design process so that the space has the flow and spirit of the person. Our team, which produces aesthetic and ergonomic solutions for you, creates projects beyond your expectation and awareness.


We bring back buildings to life with restoration.

It is possible to modernize by preserving or restoring the original architectural qualities of undeveloped, degraded historical buildings. The specific details of the historic building are determined during the project, experts and supervisory bodies must approve any interventions to be made. For this reason, every process to be defined in the project is constructed by comparing the traces found in the structure, photographs showing the historical situation, and similar structures.


If necessary, surface investigation is done again with permission. It is always a better solution to fix it than to do it all over. However, static requirements usually require intervention beyond repair. In historical buildings, protection should not only be in appearance, but also means preserving traditional construction systems and traditional details. The proper restoration approach and preservation of the features from the tradition add value to historical constructions and interiors in every respect. Architectural features of the building should be preserved in the restoration of the interiors, and designs related to the decoration should be considered in accordance with these features.