The application stage of a completed design requires a SPECIALIZATION, EXPERIENCE, PROGRAMMING and SYSTEMATIC WORK. The DMT Architecture team ensures that the implementation phase is carried out efficiently and successfully by undertaking the construction consultancy of the projects designed.


Working with an architect is as important in the implementation process as it is in the design process. The process, which takes place under the control of a competent occupational person with the right use of space, work power and material resources; gives comfort and confidence to the structure owner.


Foreseeing possible problems in the preparation phase of the project, our team undertakes the steps of creating a business plan for the project, selecting and presenting the material, planning the business schedule during the implementation process, direct management of the application phase and delivery process. As a follower of the developments in the construction sector and becoming a part of development, our team has always been one step ahead with meticulous and innovative solutions by using the time well in the awareness of the responsibilities it deals with.


Projects that we managed construction process: